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Improve your design and development skills by taking full control of your WordPress edit screens & the frontend with Advanced Custom Fields.

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Join our course about using Advanced Custom Fields to Super-Charge your WordPress Skills.

WordPress is the best and most used Content Management System. In this course, I will show you how to extend WordPress for all your clients with ACF and build beautiful websites.


What are you going to learn through this ACF course?

This mini course is packed with the information to help upgrade your skill set as a developer with WordPress!

What CMS is Advanced Custom Fields used with?

Advanced Custom Fields is compatible with WordPress.

Learn the basics of ACF PHP code:

Use functions like get_field() and the_field() to quickly build powerful templates.​

What parts of ACF are taught in the course?

There are lots of basic and complex parts of ACF. I am going to teach you the basics of how to get started building beautiful websites.


Learn Advanced Custom Fields with ease

Add fields on demand:

You will learn how to use the field builder and show how quickly and easily you can add fields to WordPress edit screens with only a few clicks!

Show them everywhere!

You then will learn how to load and display your custom field values in page template files with ACF's free developer friendly functions!

Creator of the course

Clifton Canady

Hello, I’m Clifton Canady and I am a front-end web developer and designer. I have over 10 years of experience working with WordPress. I love teaching others about WordPress. I really have a passion for WordPress and look forward to seeing it grow. Advanced Custom Fields is what I develop all my websites with and I cannot wait to teach you all I know about the plugin.

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with Advanced Custom Fields.

What people are saying


Clifton is very knowledgeable when it comes to Advanced Custom Fields. He has a practical solution for every coding hangup. After Clifton helped me it up my game when coding websites.

Katherine Wakefield


Clifton is a phenomenal developer and teacher. When it comes to WordPress and Advanced Custom Fields he really knows what he is doing. ACF is a great plugin and will definitely help you further your development career.

Erick Arbé

Founder at HIBR / Partner at AO Agency


Clifton uses Advanced Custom Fields every day to build beautiful websites. If it can be done with ACF, Clifton knows how to do it. He is passionate about WordPress and passionate about ACF. Clifton will help you navigate ACF like a pro.

Joel Newcomer

Senior Developer at Drum Creative

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Take Advantage Of This Mini Course

Enter your email and apply for my online course about using Advanced Custom Fields in your business!

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